Own your very

Own Store

By using the power of recognition of the House of Paint & Décor Brand, your customers will associate you with a specialist paint brand in South Africa. As a new brand in the South African market, huge commitment will be made to growing the brand positioning and values so that customers immediately identify with the House of Paint & Décor and its offering.

The added value of being affiliated with the House of Paint & Décor Group is that your customers will experience world class service, having outstanding product, solutions and knowledge and offering expert advice and value for money.

By combining the buying power of more than an individual, House of Paint & Décor is in a position to offer you competitive deals on quality product in the specialist paint market. This allows you, as a member to be extremely competitive whilst ensuring a healthy margin.

House of Paint & Décor not only continues to build the power and pull of the brand through a dedicated, focused, multi-media brand development and maintenance strategy.

The product promotions in the business consist of carefully selected merchandise that is promoted at competitive prices whilst retaining a volume related margin for the store. The result is an increase in the number of customers to your store who have been enticed to experience your range of product, service, advice and potentially increase their spend in your store on that particular visit and in the future.

House of Paint & Décor keeps up to date with trends in the market place and as such is committed to developing all the facets of communication platforms and media including the new technologies like Mobile and Social Networking. Together with a dynamic website, the digital media, coupled with the product promotions and brand advertising through magazines and where possible radio and TV, makes a powerful marketing package for the members.

There are numerous other benefits offered like group credit card rates for stores, annual rebates for purchases through the House of Paint & Décor Group, House of Paint & Décor IT Support, as well as continual innovation and improvements made at a national level in areas that potentially add value to and reduce costs for the members and the House of Paint & Décor Businesses.

There are numerous other benefits offered like Group credit card rates for stores, annual rebates for purchased through the Group, IT Support as well as continual innovation and improvements made at a national level in areas that potentially add value to and reduce costs for the House of Paint & Décor Members and the overall House of Paint & Décor Business.

Training and Support

There is a team of Retail Specialists available at all times to give you operational support, guidance, suggestions and analysis of the performance of your business to assist with future planning for strategic direction, expansion and growth opportunities to maximize the retail efficiencies in your store, as well as ensuring you enjoy the total range of benefits of being part of the Group.

A service training programme is also offered covering subjects across the retail spectrum including:

  • Merchandising
  • Retail Knowledge
  • Cashier Skills
  • Telephone Answering Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Service Skills
  • And a number of other courses that are designed to add value to your business by improving the skills level of your staff and motivating your most valuable asset, your people


House of Paint & Décor also outsources courses on Financial Management, Business Management and New Generation Leadership (ensuring you have a successor) through various colleges. The majority of these programmes are recognized and endorsed by the Wholesale and Retail SETA for NQF training in South Africa.

Financial Information:

What does this franchise cost?

There is a once off joining fee of R65 000 plus VAT.
The set up costs for a House of Paint & Décor store range between R2 500 and R4 500 per square metre.
This is made up of R1 700 to R3 200 per square metre for stock and R800 – R1 300 per square meter for fixtures, fittings, computers and assets etc. All initial capital for the set up process is due upfront for a new operation and the availability of this capital will need to be verified.

As a result of the range that is to be accommodated under the brand to facilitate a destination appeal to a customer, the minimum size of the store that House of Paint & Décor will accept into the family is 200 – 300 square meters of nett retail trading space (excluding offices) under roof.

A typical House of Paint & Décor store should achieve a minimum of R800 per square metre sales at a gross margin between 30% to 40%, this being dependant on the product mix and various factors, like differing volume sales of some categories at various levels of gross margin.

The objective of the House of Paint & Décor brand is to deliver a return on investment in excess of 25% per annum.

Based on the initial turnover projections of the store, the member is to also allow an additional 30% of the value of the startup capital, as working capital. Unencumbered cash of 70% of the startup cash is required.

This cash flow value does not form part of the initial startup costs.

What do I get for my investment?

We offer you the advantages of being part of a larger synergy, while still allowing you to be independent!

The House of Paint & Décor Advantage offers you:

  • A strong brand, making your store a destination / landmark store in your region
  • Access to a wide range of product; including House of Paint & Décor’s Exclusive Brand Programme which not only differentiates you from your competitors, but drives higher margin
  • A comprehensive multi-media marketing strategy which provides you with the support your store requires ensuring its success
  • The House of Paint & Décor Support Team will assist in the design, development and launch of your new store
  • An array of support services – Buying, Marketing, IT and Business Development.
  • Increased return on investment in the long term purely due to the House of Paint & Décor Brand Goodwill
  • A world class IT system focusing on saving you money
  • A flat organisational structure which allows for online decision making! No delays.
  • The financial strength of House of Paint & Décor in terms of inventory purchasing, critical mass and import alternatives.
  • Tailor made retail outlets and solutions that suit both the operators and their specific market place.
  • House of Paint & Décor offers a turn-key like service on how to build the brand and create a House of Paint & Décor atmosphere where people love to shop and constantly monitoring trends to stay at the forefront of all customers’ home improvement and hardware needs. House of Paint & Décor encourages the member to participate in the setup and follow through process.
  • High level national, regional and local advertising campaigns
  • Participation in Regional Meetings and National Executive Committee Meetings
  • House of Paint & Décor provides a comprehensive brand guide that focuses on key areas such as Logo Specifications, Standards, Store Segmentation, Exterior Signage, Interior Signage, Store Types and Profiles, Branding Activities included all branded material such as vehicle branding and store uniforms.
  • House of Paint & Décor is truly the only group who has developed strengths in the “all encompassing” field of finishing and allied hardware. House of Paint & Décor has made it “their business” to be able to support members in all facets of the business and in different markets who have different demands.


Who is ideal for us?

House of Paint & Décor is looking for hands on entrepreneurs with 3 – 5 years retail exposure or who owns their own paint finishing and allied hardware outlet who would like to join and make use of expertise and support of South Africa’s leading hardware group.

Available locations

One of the most important considerations for a retail store is the location. The House of Paint & Décor Group interacts with a number of expert personnel, property and market consultants that identify and negotiate the correct areas, locations and sites for the House of Paint & Décor Business. House of Paint & Décor have a fluid database of sites, both short term and long term that are on the books.

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