Make your own


An eye-catching piece of art is often just the thing to finish a room off perfectly, but it can sometimes be quite pricy to get custom art; and prints are too generic, right? That’s why we’re showing you how to create your own canvas to add that special touch.


  • 4 pieces of 19 x 38 mm wood (decide on your desired canvas size beforehand)
  • Wood Glue
  • Staple gun with staples
  • Raw canvas material (sufficient enough to for your wood frame PLUS 7-10cm each side)
  • White Gesso primer
  • Acrylic paint in various colours


  1. Lay your wood out in the shape you want it and add wood glue the pieces together to form a square or rectangle shape. If you’re planning on making a large canvas, consider adding support pieces in the middle too, also gluing them in using wood glue.
  2. Next, add staples with your staple gun as extra support.
  3. Once your glue is dry and the staples are in place, put your frame over the raw canvas. Starting with one side, staple the fabric evenly along the piece of wood. Then move to the opposite side, pull the canvas material tight and staple it in place. Repeat this with the third side and then the fourth. Remember to fold in the corners for a neater effect.
  4. Finish it off with a coat of white Gesso primer.
  5. Once your primer is dry, you’re ready to start getting artsy! To make it easier for you, use a pencil to draw a pattern or random shapes on your canvas.
  6. Start with a base colour (or most used) colour and paint shapes and lines to your heart’s content.
  7. Once this is dry, paint another colour over it without covering everything. Keep doing this with as many colours as you like, painting on top of other colours and shapes to create a complex layered look.
  8. There you go – done! Now all you need to do is decide where to hang it.

Please note that these bottles are decorative only and not appropriate for reuse.

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