Our top 3


There are any good number of reasons why you should shop at House of Paint & Décor. This website does not have the capacity to tell you all of the reasons, so here are the Top 3 reasons…

  1. We offer incredible deals on Paint and related hardware products. We stock thousands of items and not only is the range we offer wide, we are conveniently located.
  2. We believe in bringing top quality brands, majority of which are locally manufactured and function well in the South African environment… Plascon, Duram, Dulux, Excelsior, Academy Brushware, and many, many more.
  3. Not only are we quality conscious, we understand that our customers are also cost conscious…so, to give our customers a quality, cost-effective alternative in our business, HHouse of Paint & Décor has developed their own exclusive range of products that bring top quality to their customers in a complete solution depending on what your need is from the business. The Décor Colour ’n Style range of paint is a selection of 3 decorative ranges, available in 116+ envy inducing exclusive shades. Plus a comprehensive range of primers and preparation products. Décor Colour ’n Style knows better than any paint brand that paint needs to be tailor-made to suit its surface and purpose. That’s why we have 4 ranges suited to different purposes from sheen varieties to surface requirements. Try our Platinum range for luxury home décor or our Gold range for a more durable paint with beautiful finish. Décor Colour ’n Style’s Silver range is long lasting and is excellent for general purpose, or try the Utility range for primer and preparation product needs. Whatever your need, Décor Colour ’n Style has the range for you! To add to this, House of Paint & Décor also caters for the industrial market. The Induro paint range has been formulated and designed specifically for industry use, which requires a high level of performance and consistency from its coatings systems. Induro industrial paint now offers House of Paint & Décor customers a range of products not always commonly available in the paint retail sector. This caters for a range of industrial clients from small scale to large scale application and complements the proprietary Décor Colour ‘n Style decorative paint range. Induro is proud to offer a product range that can compete within the high volume “quick dry enamel” and “primer” market. This includes everyone from steel fabricators to DIY enthusiasts. Induro offers a wide range too, from heavy-duty twin-pack epoxy products for steel protection and floor coating to basic automotive paint products and primers and other protective and specialised coatings.